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Why Do I want to take the ABRSM Exam?

The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exam holds several compelling advantages for aspiring musicians in Singapore. Here are some reasons why you might consider participating in the ABRSM exam in Singapore:

  1. Internationally Recognized Standard: ABRSM is a globally recognized and respected institution for music education and assessment. By achieving ABRSM qualifications, you demonstrate your proficiency on an international level, which can be valuable if you're considering a career in usic or plan to study music abroad.

  2. Structured Learning Pathway: ABRSM provides a structured and progressive curriculum that allows you to advance your musical skills systematically. The graded exam system offers a clear pathway for learning and development, ensuring that you build a strong foundation before progressing to more advanced levels.

  3. Feedback and Assessment: ABRSM exams provide valuable feedback on your musical performance, technique, interpretation, and more. This feedback can help you identify areas for improvement and guide your practice and learning.

  4. Motivation and Goal Setting: Working towards an ABRSM exam can be a motivating factor for consistent practice and improvement. The exam serves as a concrete goal to strive for, helping you maintain discipline and focus in your musical studies.

  5. Recognition for School and College Applications: ABRSM qualifications can enhance your academic profile when applying to schools, colleges, or universities, whether you're pursuing a formal music education or seeking to complement your academic achievements with your musical abilities.

  6. Performance Experience: ABRSM exams often include a performance component, which offers valuable experience in performing in front of an audience and under exam conditions. This experience can be beneficial for building confidence and stage presence.

  7. Broad Repertoire Exposure: ABRSM syllabuses encompass a wide range of musical styles and genres. This exposure to diverse repertoire helps you develop a well-rounded musical knowledge and appreciation.

  8. Qualified Teachers and Resources: Singapore has a vibrant music education scene with many qualified teachers who specialize in preparing students for ABRSM exams. You can benefit from their expertise, guidance, and access to resources designed to help you excel in the exams.

  9. Community and Recognition: Participating in ABRSM exams can connect you to a community of fellow musicians and performers. Successfully passing the exams can earn you certificates and diplomas that validate your accomplishments and skills.

  10. Personal Achievement: Beyond the practical benefits, taking ABRSM exams allows you to set personal goals, work diligently to achieve them, and experience the satisfaction of your musical growth and progress.

In conclusion, taking the ABRSM exam in Singapore offers you the opportunity to receive internationally recognized qualifications, structured learning, feedback, and valuable performance experience. It can also enhance your academic and musical profiles, opening doors to further education and opportunities in the world of music.


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