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Piano Lessons

Whether you are rekindling piano playing passions or starting a new piano learning journeyMusic Your Best Choice welcomes diverse adults to continue growing your music learning process, regardless of any music background.

Our adult piano lessons can be taught in either as group classes or as private piano lessons.

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Why Choose Baby Angel Music Studio
to Learn Piano Playing?


Our piano teachers are trained experts with more than 30 years of teaching experiences, and taken on distinct roles such as examiners and competition judges.


Our pedagogy incorporates specialised training methods such as piano muscle control and musicianship to help you in achieving the golden tone.


Our studio invites external music experts in various fields to share and enrich your music learning journey and develop a diverse appreciation in your growth.


Do I need to have a music background to learn piano?

No, you do not need have. We cater the course to your learning needs. "Music Your Best Choice" is good for both beginners and people who are looking to rekindle your passion for piano playing.

Do I need to get a piano for the course?

Yes, we recommend having at least a touch-sensitive digital piano with 88-keys to practise at home. This is highly recommended for all students. Refer to Ms Taly at +65 98462420 for current promotions and recommendations.

Can Lesson Timings be flexible?

We kindly encourage students to keep to the agreed schedule. Our instructors are invited experts of the field and have other commitments outside of Baby Angel Music Studio.

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