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  • What is MYC®?
    Music for Young Children, a.k.a. MYC® was founded in 1980 to provide the best quality music education and happy music learning experience to young children by teaching them piano keyboard, listening, singing/solfeges, music theory, music composition etc. Having taught children from the ages of 2-12 the foundation of music education and piano playing for more than 30 years, this holistic and educational based music program is more than just music and movement and music appreciation. Watch our introduction video as President and International Director, Olivia Riddel share more about the MYC® program: To find out more, visit
  • What is the MYC® program?
    MYC® is a group-based and parent-accompanied music program throughout the course. Each lesson has 3 (min.) to 6 (max.) students in a group. Lasting for an hour, the lessons engage students with fun and interactive activities such as singing, rhythm work with various percussion instruments, homework checks, singing, music history, games, composition and piano techniques. Here are some recorded videos on how our MYC program experiences are like:
  • Why choose MYC® Program?
    MYC® is the only music education program that integrates Conservatory repertoire within our quality MYC® method for young children. Spanning across 800 locations in 3 continents, our proven method is designed and written by early-childhood specialists to engage young children wholly through the four learning styles (auditory, tactile, visual and analytical). We speak directly to our students with age-appropriate activities to help develop not only their ability to play and read music, but also cognitive, physical and social skills through other important elements (i.e. sight-reading, composition and ensemble playing) that help create a solid, educated and well-balanced musician. Ensuring our MYC® graduates’ complete their first piano and theory exams (ABRSM Grade 2 Practical Exam and Grade 3 Theory Exam), our MYC® Program is only conducted by Licensed MYC® Teachers. Here is what world renowned pianist and composer Christopher Norton has to say about Music for Young Children, and how it instils a lifelong love for music in children:
  • How long is a MYC® program?
    There are a total 9 levels in the MYC® program, categorised into different levels (i.e. Sunrise, Sunshine, Sunbeams, Moonbeams) to suit the developmental needs of different age groups. Each level takes 36 weeks (about 9 months) to complete. New students will start with Level 1, based on their respective age groups, regardless of musical background. In event of special cases, do contact us for assessment prior enrolment. Classes are held weekly, for an hour each. After completing the current level, your child progresses to the next until they complete their first piano and theory exams (ABRSM Grade 2 Practical Exam and Grade 3 Theory Exam) at Moonbeams 3. 3 - 4 years olds take 5 levels to complete. 5 - 6 years olds takes 4 levels to complete. 7 - 12 years olds takes 3 levels to complete.
  • Is the parent’s participation compulsory for the lessons?
    For MYC Programs: Parents are an integral part of an MYC® music class -- children bond with their parents as they work together to learn the fundamentals of music. We highly recommend parents to accompany and participate with your child in each lesson. This helps parents to be aware of how to support and guide your child in class and at home. Parents are expected to guide your child to revise the concepts taught in class as well as practice for a minimum of 5 days/week and 15-30 minutes/day to see progress in this course. We believe that Parents are the key to success in learning any instrument to help a Child build a “Happy Habit of Learning Music". For Other Programs: Parental companion is only requested by teachers when deemed necessary.
  • How do I know which MYC level/course is suitable for my child?
    For new students, an assessment will be conducted to evaluate your children’s current skill levels and to better recommend a suitable level for them (i.e. Sunshine 1, Sunbeams 1, Moonbeams 1). We recommend your child to take on the level that is suitable to their ages that is of this CURRENT YEAR. If your child turns 3 or 4 years old this year, the Sunshine 1 Program is most suitable. They will complete 5 MYC® levels before taking their first Piano and Theory Exams. If your child turns 5 or 6 years old this year, the Sunbeams 1 Program is highly recommended. They will complete 4 MYC® levels before taking their first Piano and Theory Exams. If your child turns 7 to 12 years old this year, the Moonbeams 1 Program will fit them best. They will complete 3 MYC® levels before taking their first Piano and Theory Exams.
  • What if I or my child has some music or piano background?
    For MYC Programs for Kids: Regardless of any musical background, all new MYC® program students will start at the first level of each program (i.e. Sunshine 1, Sunbeams 1, Moonbeams 1). This is so as to learn and experience the MYC® approach that is not taught by any other music program. Alternatively, you can also explore 1-1 lessons with our team of expert teachers. Options as such are also possible recommendations after the assessment of new students. For Other Programs: Newly enrolled students - children and adults, will go through an assessment to evaluate and recommend the courses and levels most suitable for them.
  • If we missed any lesson, will there be any make-up classes?
    For MYC Programs Unfortunately, we do not provide make-up classes for missing MYC programs, for kids and adults. Our teachers are engaged with a fixed schedule, teaching on specific days and timings. However, should the teacher deem that the student is falling behind, they can request to arrange make-up classes, based on their availability, to supplement the student’s learning. As such, these make-up classes (30 minutes each) come with a fee of 1 entire lesson. In our experience, parents and children should be able to keep up with the class despite missing a lesson, when they revise and practise consistently for a minimum of 5-7 days a week. For non-MYC Programs Maximum of 4 make-up class a year. No more than 1 make-up class in a month. Eligibility for make-up class has to come with valid documentation/reasons for missing class.
  • Do I need to get a piano?
    Yes, we recommend having at least a touch-sensitive digital piano with 88-keys to practise (with your child) at home. This is highly recommended for all students - children and adults. You may also refer to Ms Taly at +65 9846 2420 for current promotions and recommendations for your child.
  • How much is a trial class?
    Trial Class fee is at $50.0 per child. To find out more about trial class, please contact Ms Taly at +65 9846 2420
  • I want to make a referral, what should I do?
    We have 2 types of REFERRAL perks: MYC Programs for Kids For each successful referral of a friend for MYC Programs, you get $50.0 off both yours and your friend’s next term fees for MYC program. For next child signing up, you get $25.0 off every term fee for MYC program as a sibling discount. Other Programs For each successful referral of a friend for Individual Piano Lessons, you get $30.0 off both yours and your friend’s next month fees for MYC Program after they have completed a minimum of 3 months lessons. This also applies for our other programs; + Music Your Best Choice - Adult Piano Lessons + Specialised Piano Skills Training
  • Do I get a refund if I or my child leave the program?
    For MYC Programs for Kids: Deposit refunds are only applicable when your child has: Completed full level of 36 lessons per level, Given termination noticed latest by Lesson 33. If the conditions mentioned above are not met upon exiting the program, deposit refunds will be void. Additionally, term fees are not refundable. For Other Programs: Deposit will be used to off-set the final month fees, after the 1-month termination notice has been given. If you or your child exits mid-program without a 1-month termination notice, program fees that have been paid will not be refunded and deposit will be forfeited.
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