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Music Theory

Dive in the symphonious sea of essential musical theories with our expert teachers and engaging lessons. Our comprehensive music theory program offers valuable tips and strategies for students and music enthusiasts. Parents seeking additional support for their children's musical education are also warmly welcomed into our harmonious learning environment.

What You Will Learn?

  • Essential music theory concepts for each grade

  • Notation and reading musical scores

  • Key signatures, scales, intervals

  • Time signatures and rhythm recognition

  • Basic harmony and chord progressions​

Who Should Attend?

  • Students preparing for Grade 1 to 8 Music Theory Exams

  • Music enthusiasts eager to strengthen their music theory foundation

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Why Choose Baby Angel Music Studio
to Learn Music Theory Skills for Kids?


Our piano teachers are trained experts with more than 30 years of teaching experiences, and taken on distinct roles such as examiners and competition judges.


Our pedagogy incorporates specialised training methods such as piano muscle control and musicianship to help your child in achieving the golden tone.


Our classes brings both parents and children closer by involving parents to participate in class and revision, allowing the family to progress in sync together.


Can I take the course without any music background?

Yes, you can! Our Music Theory Skills course help beginners and advanced learners alike to build strong foundation in your musical practice.

How long does it takes to complete the syllabus?

Minimum of 6 months. It also depends on whether you have any music background and learning pace, as well as having complete homework on time.

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