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Our Founding Story

by our director, Ms Taly Yap

At the tender age of four, I eagerly embraced the piano, marking the beginning of a lifelong musical journey. Most of my childhood piano lessons were heavily  shadowed by stern instructors wielding correctional sticks, instilling a lasting fear. Yet, my parents remained steadfast, tirelessly nurturing my musical path.

As I grew older, I struggled to stay motivated in practising music and I greatly  contemplated its value in my life. The turning point came in my Grade 5 when  I encountered a remarkable studio owner and piano teacher who inspired and sparked a fervent desire in me to share the beauty of piano as a teacher.


Many years passed for me as a part-time music teacher while I navigated the demanding landscape of Singapore's corporate world, climbing the ranks as a 6 Sigma Certified Quality Personnel and Global SAP HR Consultant. I felt I was going through a dull motion until the birth of my joyful son, who rekindled my search for a quality music program, for him and for myself.


My eureka moment occurred at SmartKidsAsia with my first experience at the MYC program. Enrolling my son at the age of three, I witnessed firsthand its unparalleled comprehensiveness, fun, and, most importantly, his genuine love for it! This revelation affirmed my belief that music education should be both enriching and thoroughly enjoyable.


As a parent, I deeply recognize our pivotal role in motivating and encouraging our children on their musical journeys, demanding discipline and unwavering attitudes. This profound realization reignited my passion in teaching music and starting my very own Baby Angel Music Studio for young children.


Motivated by the hope that all students under my guidance will experience joy and reap profound benefits from quality music education, I am committed to crafting harmonies that resonate for a lifetime. 


MYC® East Coast License Operator

At Baby Angel Music Studio, we adopt MYC® as our main curriculum for young children. Over its 40 years of refinement, MYC® has been teaching and sharing its comprehensive music education program tailored to the strengths and abilities of young children around the world.

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Golden Tone

Logo of Master Rickie Oui, Hungarian Pianism

We unravel the secrets to achieving the golden tone in piano playing by imparting teachings from the revered Master Rickie Oui, successor to the Lisztian heritage of Hungarian Pianism. Our team of specialised teachers correct muscle control in your child’s piano playing to achieve smoother and much more natural piano skills.

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Collaborating with other Musical Experts

We also join forces with experts of various musical fields such as Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Improvisation to provide diverse exposure for your child’s musical journey. Our dedicated team of teachers continuously hone their skills in these areas to become better facilitators and advisors for you and your child.

Meet Our Teachers

Our passionate team is dedicated to nurturing the musical talents of your little ones, cultivating a lifelong love for melody, rhythm, and harmony. Each of our teachers are invited experts of their own specialities to ensure a wholesome and enjoyable musical learning experience for you and your child.

We are Hiring!

We are always looking for enthusiastic music educators to join our team!

Let’s arrange for a chat to find out how we can help each other!


Parent, Seow Chien Ying

"I love MYC because it incorporates a lot of facets of music as a music introductory course in a fun way. Children absorb and fully incorporate the musical concepts taught."

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