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Piano Lesson Children Singapore Baby Angel Music Studio Katong
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Music for young children group Program (2-12 Years old)

In March of 1980, Frances Balodis sat at her kitchen table in Dartmouth Nova Scotia with a clear goal in mind: 

To create a program that would fulfill the need for quality piano classes as part of music education for young children.

Taking the experience from her education and 21 years of teaching, Frances along with her husband Gunars, set out to craft a comprehensive music education program tailored to the strengths and abilities of young children, encompassing interactive piano classes.

Today, MYC boasts a global community of over 24,000 students across 3 continents, guided by a network of 900 dedicated teachers offering expert piano classes. The curriculum has evolved over time to ensure alignment with conservatory standards and the dynamic music industry, all while maintaining the core belief that music is a lasting gift that every child and family can access through quality piano classes.

Through it all, the core principles and dream has remained the same:

Music is a gift that lasts a lifetime, and that all children and families deserve quality music education


ABRSM Grade 2 practical & Grade 3 theory level

Sunrise Program (2-3 years old)

Sunrise is an exciting and innovative pre-school music program for children two and three years old.  The program has a flexible format that allows adaptation to a variety of age and environmental situations including daycare and nursery school centers as well as home studios of certified Music for Young Children Sunrise teachers.  Children receive instruction in singing, rhythm, and ear training with teddy bears being one of the learning "tools".  This specially developed music curriculum includes stories, songs and games.

Sunshine Program (3-4 years old)

This program, for three and four year old beginners includes large muscle experiences in beat and rhythms as well as fine motor experiences in rhythm instrument ensemble playing. By the end of the first year, Sunshines are playing in C major and middle C positions and are reading from the staff. Pre-reading experiences – such as like and different sorting, looking for patterns with colorful visual aids, gluing and coloring -- are part of the program.

Sunbeams Program (5-6 years old)

The program for ​kindergartens and first graders provides “big kid” lyrics to introduce concepts, finger numbers and keyboard geography. Songs and games are used to encourage and reinforce listening.

Moonbeams Program (7-12 years old)

For the older beginner, ages seven through nine, the program lasts three years. Our Moonbeams want “quick results” and the songs, ensembles and keyboard repertoire are designed to support their growing sense of independence. The listening activities for this age group keep the “ears open” even as reading becomes the primary focus for gathering information.



ear training

sight reading

creative Movement


music theory

music composition

Piano Lesson Children Singapore Baby Angel Music Studio Katong Individual 1-to 1 Lesson

Individual Piano

With more than 20 years experience, Ms Taly and her team of experienced partner Teachers are confident that you will find your child learn to enjoy playing piano with the right techniques.   

We provide the following programmes for Individual students:


(1) Piano and Theory Lessons for Beginner and Advanced Learners 

(2) Musicianship Programme 

(3) Supporting Programs

  •  ABRSM Piano and Theory Exam Preparation;

  • Piano Competition and Performances;

  • Supporting students applying for DSA, school performances etc.


Why pick Baby Angel Music Studio? 

(1) We are one of the top specialists in providing "Best Quality" Music Programme for children as young as 2 years old leading to ABRSM Grade 2 Practical and Grade 3 Theory Exam.

(2) We are also specialists in "Muscle Control" in Piano Playing and we will share the "SECRETS" of how to produce the "Golden Tone" in Piano playing."

(3) Highly experienced teachers with backgrounds in adjudicator for Music related competition, ex-examiners etc... and have the passion for helping students discover their own unique musical voice.

Many of our students came to us to correct their incorrect techniques acquired through years of incorrect teachings.  Our passion and dedication in music is contagious. What we can offer:

  • Customize piano lessons to suit the child age and needs

  • Learn and practice piano in a fun and enjoyable way

  • Simplify complicated piano playing techniques

  • Build confidence in you to perform in front of others with performance concert together with the MYC students

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Pop PIANO Intensive course 

Pop Piano Intensive Course (Min 12 lessons)

  • Basic Chords

  • Different play styles (e.g. Ballad, Cha-cha, marching, RagTime, Jazz, Boogie-Woogie etc..)

  • Free style playing

  • Play & sing

  • Simple piano solo and accompaniment

  • Basic score reading and music theory

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