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Taly Yap Piano Lesson Children Singapore Baby Angel Music Studio Katong Individual 1-to 1 Lesson

"Music is a gift from our daddy God which brings about love, joy & peace in my life."

How I founded Baby Angel

Learning piano has been part & parcel of my life since 4 years old. But I never had a good piano learning experience during childhood. Met fierce teachers who constantly have a stick ready to "correct" me & my sister's little hands. How scary! 


However, my parents never gave up on us and constantly drives us to learn piano. When  I reach Grade 5, I had a chance to meet awesome, nice & patient studio owner and piano teacher who never fails to encourage me. They are my source of inspiration to consider teaching piano as a potential career. The studio owner allows all their Grade 8 students to start teaching in their studio & I have personally benefited from it.


However in Singapore context, the harsh realities did not allow me to continue piano teaching as a career. Instead I venture into the corporate world working my way up as a Quality Personnel (I'm 6 Sigma Certified!) & Global SAP HR Consultant.


With the birth of my bubbly little boy, I started to search for a quality music program for him & wanted to spend more time with him. 


I came upon MYC program during SmartKidsAsia. Enrolled him, attended lessons with him at 3 years old. I concluded this is an awesome music program that no other music program can compare as it is comprehensive, fun & most importantly, my boy loves it! 


Throughout this journey, it dawns on me that learning music must be FUN! As Parent, we also serves as a motivating and encouraging source to help the Child to success in their Music Journey since learning Music requires a lot of discipline and "never give up" attitude.


This reignites my passion to start teaching music and I hope all students under me enjoys & benefit from MYC Program.

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